Questions and Answers

What is your refund policy in case I decide to leave the course  in the middle?

As we care a lot for the sustainability of this project, NVC Rising’s sustainability and our own families financial stability we will consider refunds only in exceptional cases. 

Is this program suited for beginners?

Yes, this program is a great way to start learning NVC. At the same time it also contains more advanced content. We believe that a combination of both basic and advanced learning can actually support all people that are involved.  

Can I miss a session?

Yes, we understand that having a yearly commitment means at times to miss sessions. We do encourage participants to attend as many sessions as possible, as the group process is significant in our view.

How can I catch up in case I miss a session?

All sessions are recorded, you'll be able to access the recording easily.

How will the recorded material be used?

All recorded content will be available ONLY for the private use of course participants. You are welcome to read more about recordings here.

I really want to attend, but the course times are exactly on our evening routine, what can I do?

We see this course as something that can transform lives. The course takes place maximum 4 times per month. By taking the time for it despite all existing limitations, you are gifting yourself a precious opportunity. We understand the difficulties for parents and advise to simply check if there is another person available to support you in attending? Your partner if you have one, a family member? A friend or a babysitter?

Are the hours in this course counted for the CNVC Certification Process?

Generally our workshops are all with CNVC certified trainers and counted as hours for the certification process. Please be aware that it may vary from assessor to assessor, how many online hours they accept as part of a candidate's learning.

What do we do in the Community practice times?

1 hour of connection:

     - Short meditation for self connection Duos and trios

     - Empathic check in, practicing sharing and receiving from the heart about whatever is alive in you. (20-30         min)

     - Community Circle: Hearing voices in the community, What is alive for our friends - Mourning and                       Celebrations (20-30 min)


Small group practice guided either by a trainer from the program or community lead which will include: 

     - small groups practice teaching

     - community building time

     - themed sharing / Empathy Circles

     - NVC games or other content the group wishes to offer.

What does "Practice Teach" mean?

Practice teach” is a chance for anyone who is either new at teaching or wishes to practice a new teaching technique or exercise, to invite a small group of  participants to join them in a separate group. You will get the chance to lead participants through an exercise/short mini session, in a supportive environment and then request a supportive feedback process in the spirit of NVC.

Registration fee
At any point after registering for the program, before/after the course started:
Registration fee is generally non-refundable. It is the way we can assure that whoever intends to participate really can make it. However, in exceptional cases please talk to us.
Cancellation policy
1- Registration fee is non refundable.
2- It is possible to cancel until October 10th 6 days before course opening  and get back the payment, minus      the registration fee that is not refundable.
3- canceling after October 10th and/or after the program started is not possible, of course people don't have to attend, however we can not pay back the money.
We also expect people that asked to have a monthly payment, to pay it, as we saved their spot in the program and declined, for this reason, other people that wanted to pay.