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October 1st 2022 + November 12th 2022
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Suited for the Very Advanced and for Complete Beginners

10 Months
Global Online Program

What You Need

This year-long deep dive invites the development of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as an art, a consciousness, and, in its fullness, a lifelong learning path for cultivating deeply connective relationships. At the heart of this course are simple yet deep personal practices for listening empathically through tough conversations, finding common ground and speaking your truth with power and compassion.
3 Times
Per Month
3-hour workshops with one of our trainers
2-hour workshops of community building, peer work and home groups.
Learning Community
Experience conscious community building with NVC tools and learn a model you can generate anywhere you go.
Pair up
With one or more practice partners in empathy buddies and trios (changing each 2-3 months).

With a home group that will become your intimate community inside the larger community for this year.
Empathy care and assistants team
Support by an experienced trusted team, who are there to support the flow of the learning, practices and community building. 

1 : 1 empathy whenever you need such support during a session. 
The Program Opens With
10 days immersion led by the NVC Rising team including:

- Getting to know the group
- Learning / Revisiting / Refreshing     the basics of NVC 
- Methods of grounding our NVC         practice in our daily lives 
Practice Teaching and Holding
Jump into the water of sharing NVC and leading practice groups in a supportive environment.
NVC in Action
Envision and support NVC change-making projects around the world.

When we move together we have more energy for visioning, brainstorming, supporting each other's dreams and co-create.

These sessions are dedicated for helping all of us moving our baby NVC  projects forward.



The Course takes place on various day-times


Sessions are held 3 times a month (mainly) on Saturdays or/and Sundays:

Group A:
Starting November 12th

09:00 PDT
12:00 EST
13:00 ART
18:00 CET

19:00 Jerusalem
19:00 AET

Group B:
Starting October 1st

09:00 CET
10:00 Jerusalem
12:30 New Delhi
16:00 Japan
18:00 Singapore
19:00 Australia
22:00 Hawai



Program Prices

Around 100 HOURS

Of Live Workshop, Live Practice, Community Events and more...

Reading a Book


$1200 - $3,000 / year
$120 - $300 / month
1170€ - 2930€ / year
117€ - 293€ / month
1 time payment or monthly instalments
sliding scale
Chatting Over Coffee


We Have Scholarships
Anyone Can Join

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